Doppelgänger V 

#XR #Immersive Storytelling #Spatial Soundscape #Installation

Doppelgänger V - FEED is an interactive web XR experience that explores the notion of the self and the fragmented existence of bodies and sensoriums. The series of artistic narratives also further questions how the bodies became illusory forms between the digital and the physical, the artificial and the organic. The project draws the context from both the physical and digital space with a primary focus on studying the behaviour patterns and social structures related to our current transformative and telematic presence in the machines. It’s a continuation of our ongoing Doppelgänger project series.

The main character is embodied through a mouse man figure with many wires attached to its head that accumulates through time. As the digital walking experience continues, more and more wires are attached to the character and its physical body slowly disintegrates until it encounters the hidden master power of this world through data tunnels.

This idea was initially inspired by our living experience in a confined space and over-extended digital presence during the pandemic. While our bodies, sitting still, staring at many many screens, function as computer mice and cursors. Our existence manifests through digital walking between digital objects and spaces, forming fragmented external "body".

currently only available on desktop web browser

Doppelgänger IV

Composed Theatre
Projection Mapping

Doppelgänger - Symbiosis (2020) is a composed theatre project exploring the concept of human-machine symbiosis. It’s an immersive multimedia experience that consists of projection mappings, spatialized sound, interactive sculpture, and performance art.

Symbiosis is the 4th part of the Doppelgänger research project by IMUU that explores the human condition in a futuristic dystopia where machinery analysis and prediction of our mind become possible, data monetization becomes uncontrollable, and the discrepancy between machines and humans become blurred.

Cyborg sculpture: A figurative sculpture, without arms or legs is placed in the center of the gallery is composed of plastic materials consisting of  six raspberry pi computers and six video screens of various sizes. These screens play random blinking animations and multiple short video clips of human body parts (eye, mouth, ear, hands, etc…) Each display can be controlled by various mobile devices and computers. The figure’s head consists of various conductive materials and eight ultrasonic sensors, which can be used as inputs to trigger different visual content.

Doppelgänger III

Brainwave,Virtual Reality

Doppelgänger III is an interactive audiovisual installation that explores the idea of self-awareness. The “mirror” in the virtual world reflects the audiences' physical bodies as well as their psychological activities.

Initially, a set of abstract visuals represents the primitive state of mind with which the users interact consciously and subconsciously, influencing the visual and auditory feedback with the primary focus on the levels of concentration and serenity. Simultaneously, all five sensory brain waves are interpreted as shifting harmonics of computer generated sine tones.

Doppelgänger II 

Interactive Installation

In the future, big data will potentially provide a nearly omniscient narration and prediction of our daily lives as if there were a constant digital duplication of ourselves in the parallel digital universe. Doppelgänger II depicts such a situation with an avatar living behind the screen imitating user’s behavior in real-time.


Doppelgänger I

Video Installation
Immersive Projection

Doppelgänger is an interactive audiovisual installation that explores the idea of surveillance capitalism. It creates an immersive experience that bridges the physical body and virtual personas. The audience is invited to interact with multimedia elements and characters in a fictional environment while their behavioral data is constantly tracked, reflecting the digital dystopia where people’s lives are recorded and analyzed by the ubiquitous tracking devices.