Doppelgänger V 


Immersive Storytelling
Spatial Soundscape

    currently only available on desktop web browser

The main character is embodied through a mouse man figure with many wires attached to its head that accumulates through time. As the digital walking experience continues, more and more wires are attached to the character and its physical body slowly disintegrates until it encounters the hidden master power of this world through data tunnels.

This idea was initially inspired by our living experience in a confined space and over-extended digital presence during the pandemic. While our bodies, sitting still, staring at many many screens, function as computer mice and cursors. Our existence manifests through digital walking between digital objects and spaces, forming fragmented external "body".

Doppelgänger V - FEED, is an XR project that explores the notion of the self and the fragmented existence of bodies and sensoriums in the context of data capitalism. It’s a continuation of our ongoing Doppelgänger project series. FEED uses a series of sonic/visual narratives to explore a tendency from the actual, substance self to the more abstract, fragmented and spiritual self. It consists of different scenes, from the physical world to the final revealing of The Master Brain behind the scene.