Doppelgänger IV

Composed Theatre
Projection Mapping

Doppelgänger - Symbiosis (2020) is a composed theatre project exploring the concept of human-machine symbiosis. It’s an immersive multimedia experience that consists of projection mappings, spatialized sound, interactive sculpture, and performance art.

Symbiosis is the 4th part of the Doppelgänger research project by IMUU that explores the human condition in a futuristic dystopia where machinery analysis and prediction of our mind become possible, data monetization becomes uncontrollable, and the discrepancy between machines and humans become blurred.

Cyborg sculpture: A figurative sculpture, without arms or legs is placed in the center of the gallery is composed of plastic materials consisting of  six raspberry pi computers and six video screens of various sizes. These screens play random blinking animations and multiple short video clips of human body parts (eye, mouth, ear, hands, etc…) Each display can be controlled by various mobile devices and computers. The figure’s head consists of various conductive materials and eight ultrasonic sensors, which can be used as inputs to trigger different visual content.